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Thank you for your interest in our Property Management Service for Private Landlords.

Our Property management Service for private landlords is part of Berneslai Homes Ltd the largest property management company in Barnsley.  We manage 19,000 tenancies on behalf of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.  We also manage properties on behalf of Housing Associations and a number of private landlords.

Our aim is to provide a lettings and management service that best meets you needs, maximises the potential income and ensures that you, your property and your tenants are compliant with all current regulations.  

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the legal and regulatory requirements of housing management and enforcement.  Our Property Management Service is backed up by other staff  across the wider organisation providing specialist help and advice when required.

The service Offer

We offer a full range of management services including:

  • Advice on rental potential
  • Advice on property standards, checking for any repairs required to ensure the property is of a good standard and meets current legal requirements.
  • Arranging the Energy Performance Certificates (legal requirement).
  • Advertising the property on our website, in the press and directly
  • Conducting accompanied viewings and providing you with a shortlist of suitable tenants.
  • Checking tenant references and running basic checks on their suitability.
  • Preparing tenancy agreements.
  • Dealing with Bond requirements.
  • Property schedule / Inventory and photo records before tenancy start.
  • Helping and checking whether new tenants complete council tax and other forms if appropriate.
  • Management of rent collection and paying rent income to you.
  • Dealing with repair requests from tenants and  discussing  them with you to provide a solution using your chosen contractors or one of our own
  • Annual gas service reminders. And appointing of Gas Safe engineers if you prefer
  • End of tenancy inspections.
  • Managing tenancy issues and serving any legal notices required (excluding court fee)
  • Negotiating and extending tenancies when required
  • Managing the vacant property should the tenancy end.

We can arrange for gas and electrical safety checks and other repairs from a fixed price menu of common repair types.  You will be invoiced directly by our contractor for this service.

Fees and Charges

Our fee for delivery of this service is 10% of the rental income collected plus VAT.  We do not charge for setting up a tenancy or dealing with re-letting.  We may agree a reduced fee if you have a number of properties you wish us to manage, or if the monthly rent of a property is above £800.

Details of our proposal will be agreed with you and drawn up into a formal management agreement defining the terms of the arrangement.

We are in the process of introducing a web based management system for these properties.

This system will:

  • Provide useful information and guidance for Landlords
  • Facilitate the downloading of standard forms.
  • Advertise your property
  • Enable you to view fees and charges on line.
  • Provide reminders for Gas  and Electric Safety checks
  • Provide useful information and guidance for your tenants.
  • Provide for online communications.

Contacting Us

If you would like to discuss our service we will be pleased to answer any queries you may have, meet you and provide details of our proposal to you.

To provide us with some basic information about you and your property please complete the form below.

Landlord / Property Information Sheet

Contact us:

Telephone: 01226 775580

Ask for the Property Management Service Manager.



We look forward to hearing from you.

Terms of Business Information


The terms of business between you as the Landlord / property owner and the Barnsley Property Management Service as your Managing Agent are set out in a written agreement which must be signed by both parties. In essence this forms a contract between us in which you agree to pay the fee defined and we provide the services outlined in the agreement in relation to the properties listed.

The agreement comes into effect on the date the property or properties are first let. No fee will be payable before that date and any information, advice or services provided prior to that date are offered free of charge.

Qualification of Landlord and Property

The Landlord

In order to take up the offer of the Property Management Service you must be a “fit and proper person” and meet the specified criteria.

We will check for:

  • Any current / outstanding “relevant” criminal convictions.
  • Any outstanding debt owed to the council, bankruptcy or County Court Judgement against you.
  • Any action taken against you with regard to the standard of property let or in relation to the management of tenancies.
  • Right to own and manage property in Great Britain.

If you are not sure or you feel unable to make a declaration with regard to being “Fit and Proper” please discuss it with us first. The existence of such an issue may not necessarily prevent you from entering into the agreement however we may carry out the further legal checks on applicants, as deemed necessary.

The Property

We will review and inspect the properties you wish to include within the agreement as to their suitability for letting, whether they achieve the Housing Health and Safety Rating Standard, rent levels, and marketability. We will also need to see the relevant certification with regard to Energy Performance, Gas, Electrical Safety Certification, Planning and Building Regulations Approval as appropriate (and Selective Licensing certificate if applicable).

You are required by law to keep the property in good repair with regard to the structure and exterior of the property and also installations for the supply of water, gas, electricity and sanitation.

The inspection and review of certification may result in us making a recommendation to you with regard to improving the standard of the property, setting a more “realistic” rent level or making it more marketable. We expect you to take heed of such advice and make the necessary adjustments particularly if they relate to legislative requirements.

In very rare circumstances we may decline a property from the service on the basis of its condition, if there is limited or no demand for that particular unit type or because of its location relative to similar properties (over supply).

In such circumstances we will discuss our findings with you and may refer you on to a local agent who may have more detailed local knowledge and waiting list of “suitable” applicants.

Permission to Let and Appropriate Insurance

In entering into the agreement you as an owner / landlord must have the permission of any Joint Owner, the lender, mortgagee or any other person or company with a registered interest in the property. You must also have met any conditions imposed by them.

For the protection of your own interest (and that of any lender) you should ensure that you have adequately insured the property for such perils and that the Insurance Company is aware of your intention to let the property and cover is extended accordingly. This cover should include:

  • Adequate public liability cover related to themselves, any contractor or person appointed or instructed by them to enter the property.
  • Cover whist the property is empty (between tenancies)


It is the landlord / owners responsibility to deal with their own tax liability arising from the income derived from letting the property. The managing agent will provide invoices and records of payment as requested to enable the landlord to evidence their accounts. The landlord is responsible for declaring the rental income received on their annual self-assessment form.

If the landlord lives outside the UKM they must comply with HMRC tax rules (Non Resident Landlord Scheme) and make a formal application to have their rental income paid with no tax deduction. We will require sight of the letter confirming this and that the Property Management Service is the Lettings Agent.

The Service Offer

The Property Management Service will make all reasonable endeavours to deliver the standard service listed in the agreement for the agreed fee. No additional charges will be levied for the standard service. The agreed fee is based on 10% of gross rental income plus VAT.

Additional useful services are available over and above the standard offer and are chargeable separately. These include gas and electrical safety checks, Energy Performance Certificate and a range of other basic services provided by our in house contractor. Please ask for details.

Administration of Repairs

As part of the service offer we will work with you to administer and manage repairs. In doing so we recognise that you may wish to be involved in the process of approval and or in some cases you may wish to instruct your own contractors or undertake the work directly. In other circumstances you may want us to instruct contractors directly on your behalf.

Because there are so many permutations of how we might work together with you in administering repairs we will seek to discuss, agree and record you preferred method of working.

In all cases we will:

  • Take the initial call / report.
  • Liaise with the tenant.
  • Inspect if appropriate and provide a more detailed description / instruction for contractor.
  • Assist with the organisation of access for the contractor.
  • Advise on your legal duty / obligation.
  • Arrange emergency repair cover to make safe / prevent further damage if we are unable to contact you (out of office hours).

Assistance with Legal Action

We will advise you with regard to your legal obligations and any appropriate legal action you can take against the tenant for breach of tenancy or seeking possession.

We will assist with the completion and the correct service of the relevant notices and forms to facilitate legal action. We will also assist with the compilation of evidence to support the case against the tenant.

In the early stages of formal action we will write to and meet with the tenant to discuss the issues arising and the consequences of failing to remedy any breach. As the action is escalated in response to failure to comply we will keep you informed and advise if action is required by you. We will also take your instruction as to your preferred approach.

NB Most cases are resolved without recourse to physical appearance in Court.

If after discussion and deliberation you take the decision to proceed to present a case to the Court we will continue to advise and support you. We will also assist with the preparation and presentation of evidence in terms of documents, reports and statements.

We will not appear in court to present the case on your behalf. Whilst this is a fairly straight forward process, if you are not confident in presenting the case yourself you may wish to consider using a Solicitor to act on your behalf.

Administration of the Tenancy Bond

We will take receipt of and administer the processing of the Bond and passing it to the registered independent bond holding service at the start of the tenancy. Whist the taking of a bond is not a legal requirement we strongly advise that a bond is taken and put on deposit. This provides you with some surety with regard to the conduct of the tenancy and some leverage should the tenant leave the property in a poorer state than when the tenancy commenced. We will automatically take a bond from the tenant unless you specifically instruct us not to.

Variance and Termination of the Property Management Agreement

From time to time we will review the content of the agreement with regard to the package of services provided. If appropriate we will adjust the service offer if it better serves the landlords signed up or enhances the service overall. We will issue a bulletin if this is the case.

If more substantial changes are proposed the landlord / owners will be consulted and the agreement re-written and re-issued formally.

The agreement will continue until such times as it is formally ended in writing by one part giving written notice to the other and subject to the notice period specified in the agreement.

A standard form is available to assist landlords in recording the notice information. Please discuss this with us so that we can bring the agreement to a close and produce a final account.

Comments and Complaints

We genuinely welcome comments on the service offer and suggestions on where we can do better. We are subject to the Berneslai Homes complaints procedure. If you feel the need to raise an issue formally, guidance on how to use the procedure can be found here.

Ultimately if you have exhausted the organisations internal procedures final redress is available from the Local Authority Ombudsman who independently scrutinises our activity. They will consider the merits of any complaint independently and afresh.

This procedure and structure for dealing with complaints meets the government requirements with regard to the provision for redress.

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