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Are you interested in Renting Residential Property in Barnsley?

Are you interested in renting a house or apartment in Barnsley?

Would you consider a property owned by a private landlord and managed by our experienced team?

We manage a range of properties across the borough on behalf of private landlords. These are often on ordinary streets and away from the traditional housing estates managed by Berneslai Homes. The criteria applied to qualify for one of these properties is not as stringent as that applied to council or housing association lettings. However the landlord does have the right not to offer a tenancy.

Qualification and Conditions

Right to Rent

In order to qualify for a property you must have the “Right to Rent” in this country and be able to prove it. This applies to all rented property and the Landlord would be breaking the law if they did not check your status. You can find details of this on the government website, here.

Registration for Housing

To save time during the lettings process we ask you to register your details on a standard form. This allows us to run some basic checks on you. We will check:

  • Whether you have a legal "right to rent"
  • Whether you have previously been refused a tenancy
  • If a tenancy held by you has been terminated because you breeched the terms of the Tenancy Agreement
  • References from previous landlords including payment history
  • Your ability to pay the rent to be charged (with any benefits you may be eligible for) and any bond / deposit due.

The above may not automatically exclude you but if you have any concerns please discuss them with us first.

If your registration is accepted you will receive a unique reference number. You can then register your interest in any property we advertise.

Type of Tenancy

All of the properties we manage on behalf of Private Landlords are subject to an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. You can find details and the implications of this form of Tenancy, here.

In simple terms you do not get the same level of tenancy security that you would with a Housing Association (Assured Tenancy) or Local Authority / Council (Secure Tenancy). However this does not mean that the Landlord can just evict you without reason or notice. They still have to obtain an Order from the Court to end your tenancy. Generally speaking if you are up to date with your rent payments, look after the property and abide by the conditions in the tenancy agreement the landlord would have little cause to bring the tenancy to an end.

Rent Payment and Bond Requirements

All of our rents are payable monthly in advance. You will be expected to pay 1 months rent prior to the start of the tenancy. Most landlords also require a “bond or deposit”. This is an amount of money held by an independent registered agency for any damage caused to the property by you or if you fail to pay the rent due to the end of the tenancy. If the landlord is satisfied that you have met the conditions the Bond / Deposit will be released to you at the tenancy end. If this is in dispute the independent agency will receive evidence from both sides before deciding how much is paid to either party. Typically the bond / deposit will be equal to one months rent. Therefore in total you should expect to pay two months rent before the tenancy starts. Rent is usually due on the first day of each month. It may be possible to agree rent payment on an alternative date within the month, e.g. on a date soon after your salary is paid into your bank. Our preferred method of payment is by “Direct Debit” and we will not accept cash payment at any time except in an emergency. Please contact us to discuss your preferred payment arrangements.

What happens when you want to express an interest in properties we have available

Properties available are advertised on this and Berneslai Homes main website If you wish to express an interest you must be registered with us / and Berneslai Homes. This is done online and gives you access to properties to be let by Berneslai Homes and Private Landlords, Register Here. Once registered you can record your interest in particular properties advertised on line.

Normally a property will be advertised for a set period of time. Once the advert is closed we will look at all of the people who have expressed an interest and check their eligibility (see registration above). We will then arrange an accompanied viewing for eligible applicants.

Following the viewing we will make a recommendation to the Landlord as to who should be offered the property. If you are lucky enough to be chosen we will then make the arrangement for you to sign up and start your tenancy.

For more information on starting your tenancy and your rights and obligations please see the section on “Your Tenancy”.

If you need general advice on renting through us please contact the team
Tel: 01226 775580 or Email:

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