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Barnsley Landlord Accreditation Service


Barnsley Council provides an accreditation service for private landlords. The aim of the service is to assist private landlords to enable them provide the highest management and property standards they can and to develop their lettings business. In offering the service the council recognises the important contribution private landlords can make to the housing offer in the Borough. The service is administrated by the Barnsley Property Management Service Team within Berneslai Homes on behalf of the council.

The Benefits of Accreditation

The benefits currently offered to Accredited Landlords include:

  • Free Survey and advice on how your properties measure up to or can be improved to meet the Housing, Health and Safety Rating Standard
  • Grants of up to £500 per property (subject to availability, administered by Berneslai Homes).
  • £100 saving on Mandatory Licence fees for Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Advertising of Registered Accredited Members on website
  • Advice regarding tenancy related support and free advice from BMBC Regulatory Services
  • Free tenant reference checking facility ( for tenants previously housed by the Council)
  • Advice from BMBC Neighbourhood Safety Unit on problems with tenants relating to Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Member information bulletins and organisation of events for Private Landlords
  • Competitive edge when advertising properties to let
  • Membership Recognition and information for members’
  • ‘Advertising Boards and access to on line adverts
  • The opportunity to purchase residential parking permits and parking voucher booklets for members who have properties in areas covered by residential parking zones.
  • We are currently working with the Council’s Waste Management service to develop a commercial waste offer that is designed for scheme members.
  • Membership of the scheme opens up additional funding opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of your properties (Better Homes Barnsley scheme). For more information on this visit
  • An independent website which will give members direct information and advice. To be launched Spring 2017.

We will work closely with the Council and landlord members to monitor and promote the scheme. This will include reviews and development of the service and benefits offered to members.

The cost of Membership

Membership of the service is free to landlords who own and manage only one property. Typically this will include people who have inherited a property or are just starting out as a private landlord. If you own two or more properties there is a flat rate annual fee of £50 inclusive of VAT no matter how many properties you have. This means you can claim grant and save on the licencing fee for each property you have registered. The Membership fee is to be paid up front and is not refundable if your membership is not approved

Restrictions on Membership

In order to participate in the scheme you must be a “fit and proper person” and meet the specified criteria.

We will check for:

  • Any current / outstanding relevant criminal convictions
  • Any outstanding debt owed to the council, bankruptcy or County Court Judgement against you.
  • Any action taken against you with regard to the standard of property let or in relation to the management of tenancies.
  • Right to own and manage property in Great Britain

If you are not sure or you feel unable to make the declaration please discuss it with us first. The existence of such an issue may not necessarily prevent you becoming accredited however we may carry out the further legal checks on applicants, as deemed necessary. Please note that if your properties are managed by an agent they must be a member of a registered redress scheme It is a legal requirement for all lettings agents and property managers in England to belong to a Government approved redress scheme from 1 October 2014 You can find out more information here.

How do I Apply?

You can download a Landlord Membership Application form here.

To register individual properties for accreditation or to add properties to your accredited portfolio download the form here.

We will contact you and or your tenants to arrange to survey a sample of your properties.

Applying for Accredited Property Grants

Once you have achieved accredited landlord status, and have registered your properties and for as long as you membership is maintained you can apply for grants to improve your property. You can download the form from here.

The following are Eligible works for which grant can be claimed

  1. Fire Safety:
    Provide and install a category LD2/LD3 grade D fire detector (smoke detectors & heat detectors)
  2. Electrical Safety:
    Carry out an electrical test on the property and provide a report which shows the system to be in a safe condition e.g. (Periodic Inspection Report/Domestic installation Periodic Inspection Report)
  3. Security:
    Provide and fit a 5 lever mortice lock complying with BS 3621, a door viewer (if possible) and a security chain to all external doors
  4. Provide and fit window locks with keys.
  5. Energy Efficiency:
    • Loft insulation
    • Cavity wall insulation
    • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
    • Boiler replacement
    • Boiler controls (boiler & room thermostats, TRVs)
  6. Handrails & stair repairs:
    • Repairs to stairs
    • Provide and fit handrails to stairs
  7. Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

    Provide and install an audible carbon monoxide alarm, marked to EN 50291 with British Standards' Kitemark / European approval organisation's mark. (Recommended minimum battery life of 5 years). Install one alarm in each room with a gas appliance

  8. Mechanical Extractor Fan:

    Provide and install a humidistat activated mechanical extractor fan in rooms with high humidity (kitchens & bathrooms)

  9. Loft Hatch:

    Create and install a loft hatch or, widen an existing loft hatch. Must be large enough for access to be gained to install loft insulation

If you would like us to post any of the forms to you please Email us: or telephone 01226 775580.

Getting the best out of the accreditation service

We are more than happy to assist and advise you on how to get the best out of the service including inspecting properties or assisting with the completion of forms.

Periodically, in conjunction with our colleagues in Barnsley Council and specialist organisations, we will run events specifically for private landlords. These are tailored to suit your needs, provide information on changes in legislation or regulations or just facilitate you getting together with other landlords to discuss issues and experiences.

If you have any ideas on how the service can be improved to benefit your lettings business ot have ideas for topics for an event please let a member of the team know.
Tel 01226 775580 or Email

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